Delawie Goes Photovoltaic!

Delawie Adds Rooftop Solar Panels

Our firm kicks off 2017 with solar power on the roof of our San Diego headquarters near Mission Bay Park! The 110 Photovoltaic panels will offset 50% of our annual energy use. Delawie is proud to be doing our part in reducing our carbon footprint and keeping San Diego a beautiful place to live. Stay tuned for updates on our new system, and our pending LEED Gold Certification!

Additional energy-efficient features:

  • Occupancy sensors and dimmers are installed at multi-occupant spaces
  • ENERGY STAR compliant¬†electrical equipment and appliances
  • Low water use plumbing fixtures and automatic shut-off faucets are used throughout
  • Lower partition heights, interior shading devices and interior glazing to maximize interior daylight and view

Check out the drone footage by Independent Energy Solutions: