Greg McClure


San Diego

McClure assumed the title of Principal in 2017 in recognition of his personal integrity and service to clients and staff alike. With the firm for over 15 years, Greg has a natural desire to both cultivate and lead the firm’s young rising architectural professionals. McClure has served on multiple AIA San Diego Committees as well as served as an AIA Board Member for several years.

As Delawie’s Principal of Science + Technology, McClure is one of the firm’s leaders in sustainability working on a variety of project types and sizes, including a majority of large commercial projects.

Professional Credentials

Registered Architect: California, North Carolina
LEED Accredited Professional Building Design & Construction
United States Green Building Council (USGBC)

Professional Affiliations

BioCom Life Sciences Association of California
Downtown San Diego Partnership (DSDP)


Bachelor of Architecture, Virginia Tech


Science + Technology | Education | Corporate