“The Show”
Agua Caliente Casino Resort
Headliner Room

Rancho Mirage, California


100,000 SF

”The Show” is a 2000-seat performance venue designed with an emphasis on physical infrastructure, event flexibility, and a distinctive guest experience. Entering through the striking three-story lobby, immerses visitors in a modern-day interpretation of the surrounding desert canyon landscape.

A bright orange entrance portal surrounded by varied slats of stacked plywood and felt mimic the striated and shifting layers of the canyon geology as well as providing acoustic value.

The drama of the lobby is characterized by its soaring height, with sculpted wood ceiling planes, abstract punched openings, and pebble rock flooring alluding to the abstract canyonscape. Green eco-resin back-lit panels serve both a practical and aesthetic purpose, guiding the eye towards grand staircases and delineating the bar areas below.

The desert landscape theme continues with graphics of cactus images in the carpet and wall covering surfaces. Inside the theater, the multi-colored chairs mimic the desert in bloom.