Canopy By Hilton

San Diego, California


177,000 SF

The Canopy Hotel by Hilton is a dual branded 20-story high-rise hotel with 327 rooms. Canopy Hotel by Hilton will be from levels 13-20, and Hampton Inn by Hilton will include levels 2-12.An exterior entry is carved out of the corner of the building creating a two-story covered outdoor space to blur the edges of the public right-of-way.

The sidewalk extends to invigorate the block with a fire pit, seating areas, food, and drinks. To further engage the public, access to a rooftop lounge is provided to continue the neighborhood street dynamic skyward.

The addition of the Hampton Inn brand offers more choices for guests to enjoy shared amenities and access to surrounding attractions. Programming includes exterior urban open space, lobbies, restaurant and bar, fitness room, and rooftop bar.